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Springboard: John Volanthen, Thirteen Lessons That Saved Thirteen Lives

Advertorial content In 2018, you were the first to reach the Thai cave... Read more

Springboard: Peter Swanson, Every Vow You Break

There are some benefits to the pandemic, as without it I would never have met Peter Swanson’s handsome cat Finty. In a normal year, I... Read more

Springboard: Christina Sweeney-Baird, The End of Men

Advertorial content How odd was it to have written a speculative book on... Read more

Springboard: Francisco Garcia, If You Were There

Then he was just four years old, Francisco Garcia’s father went missing. But “he didn’t go ‘missing’ missing,” Garcia adds, and that nuance is one... Read more

Springboard: Elle McNicoll, Show Us Who You Are

While most authors experience second book nerves, children’s author Elle McNicoll is feeling them more than most. After all, her 2020 début A Kind of... Read more

Springboard: Ian Williams, Every Breath You Take

Advertorial content "China is always changing. I did a fair amount of re-writing over last... Read more

Springboard: Nadia Shireen, Barbara Throws a Wobbler

"They are bright, simple, uncomplicated yarns featuring winsome animal outsiders who crave love and acceptance,” says author-illustrator Nadia Shireen, when describing her books to date.... Read more

Springboard: Tim Marshall, The Power of Geography

You might think Tim Marshall would be chafing at the bit from the travel restrictions of the past year. After all, the author and journalist... Read more

Springboard: Julia Guinn, on the success of Bridgerton

If one of your coping strategies for the past 12 months has been bingeing on streaming services, then your year has probably been bookended by... Read more

Springboard: Tahmima Anam, The StartUp Wife

After writing a historical fiction trilogy set in her birthplace of Bangladesh, Tahmima Anam wanted to take... Read more

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