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A tale for the telling

With the Boris Johnson administration seemingly on the brink, can we be thankful for one last snafu before this ungainly prime minister exits right?... Read more

Writing while caring

Writing while caring

Many people who read this month’s column will be carers. If you are not one now, you may be later and some of us will... Read more

Facing exhaustion

It’s hardly a catchy term, and discussion about it quickly becomes mired in impenetrable language, but the issue of “international rights exhaustion” should be at... Read more

Living by the pen

Living by the pen

Authors’ income, already a source of concern before the pandemic, has become unsustainable in the wake of financial policies put in place amid Covid... Read more

Beware the special sale

In an open letter, chief executive of the Society of Authors Nicola Solomon urges publishers to adhere to a seven-step plan to ensure that special... Read more

Listen and earn

Daniel Hahn on why contract terms for authors need to change. Read more

Author support

In a world where advances and royalty cheques are dwindling, it is worth remembering there are other sources of funds that authors may be able... Read more

Cultural coalition implores Home Secretary to protect Afghan writers

A cultural coalition headed by English PEN has demanded the protection of Afghan writers in a letter to the Home Secretary. Read more

Pan Mac to acknowledge translators on covers as campaign support soars

Pan Macmillan has announced translators will be acknowledged "on the book cover and all promotion materials” for all new publications and reprints from this week, in... Read more

Evaristo and Faulks among writers calling for translator cover credits

Bestselling authors including Bernardine Evaristo, Sebastian Faulks and Preti Taneja have called on writers to ask their publishers for translator names to appear on book covers.... Read more

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