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William Collins lands book on Britain's lost rainforests by Shrubsole

William Collins has landed a book by environmental campaigner Guy Shrubsole looking at Britain's lost rainforests.  Read more

William Collins signs 'visual poem' on Black Britain by Robinson and Pitts

William Collins has signed a “visual poem” about Black Britain by poet Roger Robinson and photographer Johny Pitts. Read more

William Collins pre-empts Hinton's history of US urban rebellion

William Collins has pre-empted a “ground-breaking” history of urban rebellion in America by Elizabeth Hinton, professor of history and law at Yale University. Read more

William Collins pre-empts Durkin's 'vital' Last Slaves history

William Collins has scooped a “vital” book by historian Dr Hannah Durkin documenting the lives of five of the last enslaved people to reach American... Read more

William Collins scoops Shimer's history of electoral interference

William Collins has scooped a “brilliant and timely” book on a century of electoral interference by David Shimer. Read more

Wildfire's Rokadiya to join William Collins

William Collins has appointed Wildfire commissioning editor Shoaib Rokadiya as editorial director. Read more

Wildfire lands Fitch underground atlas

Wildfire has landed an atlas of underground spaces by Chris Fitch, providing a “gorgeously-illustrated chronicle of the world we rarely see”. Read more

Wildfire to publish Pyle's Strange Planet book after Instagram success

Wildfire has scooped a book based on the "endlessly amusing" and hugely popular Instagram comic Strange Planet by Nathan Pyle. Read more

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