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Scribd makes cuts to romance in its catalog

Scribd has announced to publishers and distributors that it is "making some adjustments, particularly to romance" in its $8.99-per-month ebook subscription service. Described by Mark... Read more

Scribd drops unlimited subscription

US e-book subscription service Scribd is dropping its unlimited e-book subscription offer, and moving to a hybrid model as of next month. Read more

Scribd introduces new audiobook credit system

E-book subscription service Scribd is introducing a new credit-based business model for its audiobooks, which means that from 20th September only a certain number of audiobooks will... Read more

Macmillan doubles titles on Scribd and Oyster

Macmillan US is doubling the number of titles it has placed on subscription services Scribd and Oyster. In January Macmillan US put 1,000 backlist... Read more

Scribd buys Librify

Scribd has acquired Librify, a social e-reading platform, for an undisclosed sum. Librify was founded in 2013 and launched publicly last summer as a social... Read more

PRH signs deals with Mofibo and Scribd

Penguin Random House UK is to make "thousands" of English-language audiobook titles available to Mofibo subscribers in Denmark and Sweden. Meanwhile Penguin Random House Audio... Read more

Ignoring subscription imperils sales

Publishers risk losing sales and “consigning themselves to the past” if they ignore subscription services, providers have warned. Speaking to The Bookseller Daily, subscription companies... Read more

Oyster launches e-book store

Oyster has launched an online e-book store in the US. The subscription company, which started out in September 2013 charging $9.95 a month for unlimited... Read more

Macmillan US joins Oyster and Scribd

Macmillan US has become the third large publisher to enroll e-books in the Oyster and Scribd subscription services. The publisher revealed it is adding 1,000... Read more

Scribd raises $22m

E-book subscription service Scribd has raised $22m in new funding, according to reports. Publishers including HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster and Harlequin have made... Read more

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