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On how unconventional publishing can work

Laura Jones and Heather McDaid reflect on the rise of their indie press 404 Ink since its launch last year and how they achieved it.... Read more

Litreachas agus Foillseachadh Gàidhlig ann an 2018

Rosemary Ward discusses the growing demand for Gaelic books as the number of Gaelic readers in Scotland and throughout the world increases.... Read more

The Scots leid: publishin the ‘unreadable’

Matthew Fitt, co-founder of Itchy Coo Books, reflects on the cultural and commercial advantages of publishing in the Scots language.  Read more

Investing in culture can change lives, break boundaries and reinvigorate communities

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon reveals the lifelong love of reading that has compelled her and her government to increase its budget for funding the arts.... Read more

On borrowed time?

Benedicte Page wonders whether the continuing decline in library services and book loans could put the future of reading in jeopardy. Read more

In safe hands

The bestselling crime writer north of the border in 2017, Peter May, saw his breakout novel rejected by 25 UK publishers. But, as he reveals... Read more

Seeking refuge

An eye-opening incident in the classroom of a Glaswegian primary school led Victoria Williamson to question the fundamentals of her fiction—and to get to know... Read more

404 Ink and BHP Comics on collaborative publishing

Scottish publishers 404 Ink and BHP Comics talk to us about partnering on a graphic novel anthology that celebrates the centenary of women gaining the... Read more

Her Bloody Project: Sara Hunt on launching Graeme Macrae Burnet

Saraband publisher Sara Hunt talks about the impact of Graeme Macrae Burnet's Man Booker Prize shortlisting on the company and its recent move to Manchester.... Read more

The might of the metre

Poetry plays a central role in Scotland’s cultural circles and also impacts many of its citizens on a day to day basis, due in no... Read more

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