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Virago picks up Fitzpatrick's 'dazzling' debut in two-book deal

Virago has acquired Aoife Fitzpatrick's The Red Bird Sings, a feminist historical gothic debut which won the Lucy Cavendish Prize in 2020, plus a second... Read more

Virago scoops investigation on children going into care by Curtis

Virago has scooped a book from former Guardian journalist Polly Curtis investigating the increasing number of children going into care. ... Read more

Virago scoops Heyward's 'extraordinary' dog memoir

Virago has scooped New Yorker writer and animal behavioural science student Anna Heyward's "extraordinary" memoir about learning to see the world through a dog’s eyes. ... Read more

Tomaszewska steps up as Virago editorial director

Virago’s Rose Tomaszewska has been promoted to editorial director, two years after joining the company.   Read more

Midwife's account of the womb to Virago in eight-way auction

Virago has acquired Womb: The Inside Story of Where We All Began by Leah Hazard, to publish as its lead publication in spring 2023, following an eight-way... Read more

Prize-winning whale migration memoir to Virago

Virago has acquired the story of a climate researcher who learned how to be a mother and how to face a changing world while following the grey... Read more

Virago wins six-publisher fight for Grush's untold space story

Virago has triumphed in a six-publisher auction for The Six: The Untold Story of America’s First Women in Space by science reporter Loren Grush.... Read more

Tomaszewska joins Virago as senior commissioning editor

Rose Tomaszewska will be joining Virago permanently, after covering Sarah Savitt’s parental leave since July last year. Read more

Virago picks up Kalb's 'memoir with a difference'

Virago has picked up the "memoir with a difference" from Bess Kalb, writing in the voice of her grandmother. Read more

Virago picks up Crewes graphic memoir on coming out

Virago will publish a graphic memoir by illustrator Eleanor Crewes on her journey towards coming out. Read more

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