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Russian oil giant Rosneft discontinues claim against Putin's People

Russian state oil company Rosneft is discontinuing its remaining claim against HarperCollins over comments made in Catherine Belton's book Putin's People (William Collins).... Read more

Abramovich claim in HarperCollins book defamatory, preliminary judgment finds

The claim Roman Abramovich purchased Chelsea FC on Vladimir Putin’s orders, as made in Catherine Belton's Book Putin's People (William Collins) is defamatory, a high court... Read more

HarperCollins and Belton go to High Court over Putin's People

Author Catherine Belton and publisher HarperCollins are going to the High Court today (28th July) to take on Russian state-controlled oil giant Rosneft and three Russian billionaires,... Read more

Chelsea owner Abramovich sues HarperCollins and author over Putin's People

Chelsea FC's Russian owner Roman Abramovich has launched legal proceedings over “false or misleading” claims in Catherine Belton's book Putin's People (William Collins).... Read more

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