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Election implications

With David Cameron capable of forming a government free of the need to negotiate red lines in darkened rooms, what are the likely implications for... Read more

Green Party naive on copyright

To describe someone as green can be either to say they are ecologically aware or desperately naive. The Green Party's copyright policy displays... Read more

'Experts' caution over student and staff visas

The threat of isolation from Europe’s workplace regulations, visa issues among EU-born staffers, and a decrease in the number of European graduate students could affect... Read more

What lies ahead for books in 2016?

From bespoke publishing to the continued rise of the vloggers, industry leaders give us their tips for the likely trends in 2016. Read more

SoA challenges publishers to 'serious contract reform'

The Society of Authors has issued an open letter, addressed to members of the Publishers Association and Independent Publishers Guild, asking publishers to address the issue... Read more

Lotinga appointed new Publishers Association c.e.o

Stephen Lotinga, Nick Clegg's former director of communications, has been appointed as The Publishers Association's new chief executive. Read more

EC's 'more careful' copyright approach 'a relief'

Richard Mollet, c.e.o of The Publishers Association, has said it is a “relief” to see the European Commission “beginning to appreciate the need to move... Read more

Anticipation builds ahead of EC's communication on copyright reform

The first legislative communication on copyright reform, as part of the European Commisison's Digital Single Market strategy, is due later today.... Read more

In pictures: FutureBook Conference 2015

The FutureBook Conference celebrated its fifth anniversary with a line-up including rapper Akala, the leaders of some of UK publishing's biggest companies, and the first... Read more

Copyright changes set to 'decimate' illustrated publishing

Publishers of books containing photos or illustrations of items such as furniture, architecture and jewellery could be forced to abandon stock to “fire sale”, or... Read more

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