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Creating the hype at Richard Johnson's Bonnier

Philip Jones reviews "disruptor in chief" Richard Johnson's memoir, Show Me Your Medals. Read more

'A different story'

Philip Jones looks back on "maverick" Richard Johnson's nine years at the helm of Bonnier Publishing.  Read more

Former Bonnier c.e.o. co-writes Lizzie Cundy autobiography

Former footballer's wife Lizzie Cundy has filmed a "making of" documentary for her new autobiography, co-written with ex-Bonnier c.e.o Richard Johnson. Read more

Johnson, Blake and Freeman team up in new venture

Richard Johnson, John Blake and Derek Freeman are going into business together to launch a new web-based publishing start-up. Read more

Johnson claims Bonnier urged ‘create the hype’ spending

In a new account of his tenure at Bonnier Publishing, a book called Show Me Your Medals, Richard Johnson defends his record and says it... Read more

Richard Johnson 'to settle scores' in book on his years at Bonnier Publishing

Former Bonnier Publishing c.e.o. Richard Johnson has revealed that he has written a book about his nine years at the company. Read more

Parker to leave Bonnier Publishing after 20 years

Sharon Parker, Bonnier Publishing's group chief operating officer, is stepping down from her role after 20 years with the company. Read more

Bonnier’s interim chief exec seeks ‘sustainable future’

Bonnier Publishing’s acting chief executive has told The Bookseller he is working on a "new strategy" to ensure the company has a "sustainable future", after it emerged that... Read more

Bonnier Publishing had 'profitability problems' before Johnson's departure

Bonnier Publishing "wrestled with profitability problems" as the result of its rapid growth in 2017, financial accounts revealed a week before its chief executive Richard... Read more

Johnson departs Bonnier Publishing with immediate effect

Richard Johnson is stepping down as group chief executive of Bonnier Publishing with immediate effect, after nine years in the role. He is being replaced... Read more

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