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Psychology of 'modern-day messengers' to PRH

Penguin Random House is publishing a book by behavioural experts Steve Martin and Joseph Marks exploring "the psychology of modern-day messengers". ... Read more

Investment bankers' guide for start-ups to PRH

Random House Books is publishing a guide for start-ups by former Goldman Sachs investment bankers Courtney and Carter Reum. Read more

Cornerstone wins 'Book of the Year' in hotly-contested auction

In a "hotly contested" auction, Cornerstone has acquired a book of strange-but-true trivia authored by the "QI elves" behind weekly podcast "No Such Thing As A Fish".... Read more

Solitude for Random House Books

Random House Books has bought a book about the importance of spending time alone. Senior editor Harry Scoble bought UK and Commonwealth rights to Solitude... Read more

Random House Books buys exploration of memory

Random House Books has bought a “fascinating exploration of the workings of human memory”. Senior editor Harry Scoble acquired UK and Commonwealth (excluding Canada), US... Read more

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