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It’s time to break the concrete ceiling

While many may be familar with the glass ceiling holding back white  women, Black women face a second, ‘concrete ceiling’ that often curtails their career... Read more

Holly Smale | 'Change happens one story at a time, reminding the world what autism is from the inside'

Holly Smale, bestselling author of the Geek Girl series, discusses how autistic characters, and authors, should no longer be seen as ‘niche’ Read more

Alice Oseman | 'Heartstopper being a graphic novel certainly helps the filmmaking process'

Alice Oseman is the author of four contemporary YA novels with HarperCollins Children’s, including Solitaire, which was published when she was 19, and Loveless, which... Read more

Six questions for...Vashti Hardy

Vashti Hardy answers six questions about her success as an author Read more

Tessa Hadley | 'I’ve always been able to somehow make a line between my privacy and my public presence'

The acclaimed novelist, a recipient of the lucrative Windham Campbell Prize in 2016, reveals how the award affected her craft Read more

Q&A with Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock

Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock talks about her novel The Smell of Other People’s Houses (Faber Children’s). Read more

Q&A with Cecelia Ahern

Cecelia Ahern talks about her debut YA novel. Read more

Q&A with Abi Elphinstone

Abi Elphinstone answers questions about her forthcoming novel The Shadow Keeper, a sequel to The Dreamsnatcher. Read more

Q&A with Sophie McKenzie

What is All My Secrets about? The story starts when Evie Brown discovers she is the daughter of a prima ballerina who died when... Read more

Q&A with Pat Hutchins

Q&A with Pat Hutchins, author of Where, Oh Where, is Rosie’s Chick? (7th May, Hodder Children’s Books) a sequel to the 1968 Rosie’s Walk.  ... Read more

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