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The bigger picture

Philip Jones shares his thoughts on the Publishers Association’s Publishing Yearbook 2019. Read more

Book adaptations into screen and stage: a powerful two-way street

Frontier Economics' Andrew Leicester examines the mutually beneficial relationship between literature and adaptations. Read more

The commitments

Philip Jones addresses the Publishers Association's industry-wide action plan to tackle inclusivity, and why it is needed. Read more

Corporate chorus

Last week I made a comment about the many hands working—often behind the scenes—to make the book business happen. Unleashing this talent, these many voices,... Read more

Election implications

With David Cameron capable of forming a government free of the need to negotiate red lines in darkened rooms, what are the likely implications for... Read more

PA compiles audio reading list for parliamentarians

The Publishers Association has compiled a summer audio reading list for parliamentarians as it urges them to remove VAT on audiobooks. Read more

Callanan calls for pandemic boost for schools and university book budgets

Publishers have all the right materials to help school and university pupils cope with the current disruption to learning caused by the coronavirus pandemic—but more... Read more

T&F Callanan becomes PA president, Shelley vice-president

Annie Callanan, c.e.o. of Taylor & Francis, has been elected president of the Publishers Association (PA) and vowed to demonstrate the “value and opportunity that... Read more

Reading Tax scrapped seven months early

VAT on digital publications will be scrapped today (Friday 1st May) after Chancellor Rishi Sunak fast-tracked the plan, saying it would help readers and publishers during the... Read more

PA issues demands to government on Covid-19 crisis

The Publishers Association says it is pushing for publishing to be included in the business rates holiday, and for there to be part-time furloughing, among... Read more

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