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Princeton University Press launches in-house speakers' agency

Princeton University Press (PUP) has launched an in-house speakers' agency, PUP Speaks, the first of its kind for a university press. Read more

Princeton UP to publish 'major re-interpretation' of James Joyce

Princeton University Press will publish James Joyce: A Political Life by Irish senior barrister and historian Frank Callanan.  Read more

PUP launches grant for underrepresented scholars

Princeton University Press is to launch a grant to support underrepresented scholarly writers preparing to draft a book proposal.  Read more

PUP author Penrose awarded Nobel Prize for Physics

Theoretical physicist and Princeton University Press author Roger Penrose has been awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics, with Reinhard Genzel and Andrea Ghez, for his... Read more

Audrey Hepburn's son and daughter-in-law write children's book about her

Princeton Architectural Press will publish Sean and Karin Hepburn Ferrer's Little Audrey's Daydream, about actress Audrey Hepburn. Read more

Princeton UP acquires Cicero biography in 'significant deal'

Princeton University Press will publish a new full-length biography of Cicero by Oxford academic Dr Alison Rosenblitt.  Read more

Princeton University Press relaunches website

Princeton University Press (PUP) has unveiled a redesign of its website, the product of an 18-month collaboration between PUP's creative and IT teams and digital product agency Area... Read more

Princeton University Press joins forces with RBmedia in audio publishing partnership

Princeton University Press (PUP) has joined forces with RBmedia in an exclusive audio publishing partnership, that will see more than 120 titles from PUP be... Read more

Seventh university presses convention seeks to build on sector’s broad appeal

Occupying a unique place in the publishing ecosystem, many university presses are achieving crossover hits. But balancing that with their bread and butter can be... Read more

Princeton University Press acquires Wild Nature's list

Princeton University Press has acquired the list of UK-based natural history publisher Wild Nature Press.   Read more

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