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Dohle seeks to reassure PRH staffers as US colleagues told to go home

Markus Dohle, chief executive officer for Penguin Random House, has shared a note to reassure staff worldwide that the safeguarding of their health is its "highest priority", at the same time... Read more

Dohle hails 'successful' 2019 for PRH in year end letter to staff

Penguin Random House c.e.o. Markus Dohle has hailed the company's acquisitions and investments and called on the firm to leverage its "unique role in the... Read more

PRH US to expand with new Nevada distribution centre

​Penguin Random House US is expanding its distribution operations with a new centre in Nevada.  Read more

Tart steps up as publisher of Penguin Books US as Court retires

President and publisher of Penguin Books US, Kathryn Court, will retire later this year, PRH US has announced. Read more

PRH: 'year of implementation' ahead

2015 will be a “year of implementation” for Penguin Random House, with the work ahead allowing PRH to “fully realise the potential of our new... Read more

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