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Pan Mac acquires four for its biz and science list

Pan Macmillan has made four “major” acquisitions as part of a “significant investment” in its business and popular science lists. Non-fiction publisher Robin Harvie bought... Read more

Andrew Smith: The men who fell to earth

Andrew Smith talks to Benedicte Page talks about Moondust - a quest to interview all nine surviving moonwalkers Read more

Simon Singh: Challenging the science establishment

Science writer Simon Singh sets out to explain the science of the Big Bang Read more

Richard Fortey: A thing of shreds and patches

Science writer Richard Fortey talks about his fascinating new book, The Earth: An Intimate History Read more

Matt Ridley: What switches the genes on and off

Popular science writer Matt Ridley talks about his new book Nature via Nurture: Genes, Experience and What Makes Us Human Read more

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