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Hawkins' Girl on the Train named UK's most borrowed library book

Paula Hawkins' The Girl on the Train (Transworld) is the UK's most often loaned library book of 2016/17, according to the latest Public Lending Right... Read more

PLR to cover e-books and audiobooks

The Public Lending Right (PLR) will be extended to cover e-books and e-audiobooks borrowed from libraries from 1st July. Read more

PLR increases but drop in registered loans 'disheartening'

The British Library Board has recommended that the Public Lending Right (PLR) rate be increased to 8.2p per loan in 2018. Read more

Government extends PLR to e-books and e-audiobooks

The government is expanding the Public Lending Right (PLR) to include e-books and e-audiobooks, meaning their authors will be eligible for payment in the same way as those whose... Read more

EU e-book ruling means change to PLR, says SoA

The Society of Authors has welcomed the European Court's ruling on e-lending, which it argues removes “the final barrier” to applying Public Lending Right (PLR)... Read more

Irish library payments fall €100,000

Authors received €200,000 (£180,026) in Irish Public Lending Remuneration (PLR) payments in 2015, €100,000 (£90,013) less than the figure paid in 2014, according to the Irish Examiner.... Read more

Authors to receive payouts following PLR miscalculation

More than 20,000 authors are to receive a share of the £264,000 payout from libraries body Public Lending Right following an error in the calculation... Read more

PLR rate to increase by 1p next year

The British Library Board has proposed an increase in Public Lending Right (PLR) payment made to authors next year, following a decrease in the estimated... Read more

Politicians vie for author votes at lively hustings

Copyright, fair contracts for authors, and libraries were among the points addressed by politicians at a hustings hosted by the Society of Authors (SoA) and... Read more

Authors call for PLR to be applied to remote e-loans

Authors have called for Public Lending Right (PLR) to be extended to all e-book loans from libraries. PLR is paid to an author each time... Read more

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