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Pullman and SoA call on government to tackle online book piracy

Society of Authors president Philip Pullman and 32 other leading writers have called on the government to tackle “the blight” of online book piracy. Read more

Shannon hits back at fans unembarrassed by piracy

The Bone Season author Samantha Shannon has expressed her frustration with the attitude of those who pirate her work, with some fans openly committing piracy and saying... Read more

Pullman on 'disaster' of piracy

The effect of digital on the creative industries means young people expect to access music and e-books for little or no cost, author Philip Pullman... Read more

PA succeeds in blocking infringers

The High Court has granted an application by the Publishers Association (PA) to block access to seven websites which have been infringing copyright. The application,... Read more

Copyright infringers fined $37.5m

A global piracy ring has been found guilty in a US federal court of intentionally infringing copyright, sharing copies of books from up to 16,000... Read more

Saudi government tackles academic copying

Saudi Arabia is stepping up its efforts to eradicate the illegal photocopying and selling of academic titles at “copying centres” which are often found near... Read more

IPA protests to Spain on piracy

The International Publishers Association has written a letter to Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, warning that the country’s new Intellectual Property law is an inadequate... Read more

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