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Pinch of Nom whips up a second week at the top

Kay Featherstone and Kate Allinson’s record-breaking cookbook Pinch of Nom (Bluebird) has rustled up a second week in the UK Official Top 50 number one... Read more

Pinch of Nom becomes fastest-selling non-fiction title recorded

Kay Featherstone and Kate Allinson’s slimming cookbook Pinch of Nom (Bluebird), based on the authors’ food blog, has become the fastest-selling non-fiction title of the... Read more

Bluebird bags three Pinch of Nom titles

Pan Macmillan imprint Bluebird has bagged three titles from recipe bloggers Pinch of Nom following a pre-empt deal for their first cookbook. Read more

Bluebird pre-empts Pinch of Nom cookbook

Bluebird has pre-empted world rights to a cookbook from the founders of pinchofnom.com, a leading food and slimming blog with an online community of 1.5... Read more

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