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Easy does it

Philip Jones looks at what this year's Super Thursday holds. Read more

London hauling

Philip Jones asks if London is exerting too strong an influence on publishing. Read more

Raising stars

Philip Jones on the next generation of publishing stars. Read more

The parallax view

Philip Jones on why the publishing industry should embrace oddness. Read more

Quick, quick, back

Philip Jones looks at back at predictions for the future of e-book retail. Read more

E-books: a twist in the tale

Philip Jones takes a deeper look at what the numbers in the PA Statistics Yearbook say about the publishing industry. Read more

After the party

The British Book Industry Awards and the PA's Statistics Yearbook shows the industry is in good health, but a clear vision for the business is... Read more

Under the dome

Philip Jones reflects on the 2016 London Book Fair. Read more

The duellists

Philip Jones looks at books and the digital market. Read more

The creationists

Publishing is not one thing, it is many. Publishers can be big, small, good, bad, incompetent, indie, corporate, fun, cynical, efficient, exasperating, guileless, greedy, generous,... Read more

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