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Allen Lane triumphs in four way auction for book against extreme wealth from Robeyns

Allen Lane has triumphed in a four way auction for a "landmark" book about limiting rich people's wealth from philosopher Ingrid Robeyns.... Read more

Abdurraqib wins Gordon Burn Prize 2021

Hanif Abdurraqib has won the Gordon Burn Prize for his collection of essays, A Little Devil in America: Notes in Praise of Black Performance (Penguin Press).... Read more

Allen Lane pre-empts 'significant' history of peasanthood by Joyce

Allen Lane has pre-empted a "profoundly significant" history of peasanthood by social historian Patrick Joyce. Read more

Penguin Press signs Thrall's portrait of Palestine life in three-way auction

Penguin Press has signed a "dramatic and deeply tragic" portrait of life in Palestine by Nathan Thrall after a three-way auction.  Read more

Tributes to 'giant' Roberto Calasso after death, aged 80

Tributes have been paid to “giant of world literature” Roberto Calasso, after the author and Adelphi Edizioni publisher died in Milan, aged 80.... Read more

Allen Lane scoops Fowler's British countryside history in 12-way auction

Allen Lane has signed Professor Corinne Fowler’s “landmark” history of the British countryside in a six-figure deal after a 12-way auction. ... Read more

Allen Lane pre-empts 'thrilling' new history of East Germany by Hoyer

Allen Lane has pre-empted Beyond the Wall by Katja Hoyer, a "thrilling" new history of East Germany.  Read more

Neil Price | 'The Viking mind is far away from us today, but occasionally just about tangible'

The very first thing Neil Price wrote when he began his history of the Vikings, The Children of Ash and Elm (Penguin), was not an... Read more

Penguin Press signs 'vital' Spiegelhalter and Masters book on coronavirus data

Penguin Press has signed Covid by Numbers, a "vital" data-driven examination of the coronavirus pandemic by leading statisticians David Spiegelhalter and Anthony Masters.  ... Read more

Particular signs Sandbrook's series of children's history books

Particular Books has signed a new series of children’s books by historian Dominic Sandbrook. The series is described as “perfect for fans of Horrible Histories” . ... Read more

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