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Where it happens

Frankfurt 2021 will not go down as a vintage edition of the great trade show. But its comeback after last year’s curtailment marked a solid... Read more

A new equilibrium

The mass high street closures of the past 15 months have proved to have a major effect on what customers have bought and read, and... Read more

Publishers must help bookshops bounce back

Publishers must help bookshops bounce back

The pandemic altered where readers bought books and the types of titles they purchased—and it’s time publishers used their profits to help bookshops out.... Read more

Booksellers in England and Wales rejoice as doors are thrown open to customers

A number of booksellers from across England and Wales have reported an ‘amazing’ spell of trading after being allowed to reopen again to customers this... Read more

Slow, slow, quick, quick, slow

This week, the UK and the Scottish governments set out their roadmaps to how the current lockdowns might be lifted. Read more

The Books are Alright

This spring it will be the job not just of booksellers, but of every single one of us to press books on others wherever we... Read more

Reality rites

This time last year, as we headed into 2020, I wondered why the trade was so hesitant about championing itself: after a largely successful decade... Read more

University presses report robust year despite challenges of the pandemic

University presses have had to adapt to the challenges brought on by Covid-19 and delays in the supply chain but many are making the most... Read more

Covid had 'lasting legacy' on indie web development

Pickled Pepper Books’ Steven Pryse has said the challenges of bookselling through the pandemic accelerated many independents’ website development. Read more

Meet the BookTokers giving backlist titles a shot in the arm through the pandemic

The video-sharing social media platform TikTok is not just a place where teens share the latest dance crazes—it’s also proving a driver of book sales,... Read more

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