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Subscriptions shrug off Oyster

Publishers are signing up to subscription services at this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair despite the recent news that start-up Oyster, a proponent of the model,... Read more

Oyster's business model was 'deeply flawed'

The chief executive of e-book subscription service Bookmate has said Oyster was "killed" by publishers who feared the challenge it posed to their existing e-book... Read more

Oyster to shut down

E-book subscription service Oyster is to shut down. Read more

Macmillan doubles titles on Scribd and Oyster

Macmillan US is doubling the number of titles it has placed on subscription services Scribd and Oyster. In January Macmillan US put 1,000 backlist... Read more

Oyster launches e-book store

Oyster has launched an online e-book store in the US. The subscription company, which started out in September 2013 charging $9.95 a month for unlimited... Read more

Pottermore first for Oyster

E-book subscription site Oyster has partnered with Pottermore to make all 10 Harry Potter-related titles available via a subscription service. The offering, only available in... Read more

Macmillan US joins Oyster and Scribd

Macmillan US has become the third large publisher to enroll e-books in the Oyster and Scribd subscription services. The publisher revealed it is adding 1,000... Read more

Macmillan US does agency deal with Amazon

Macmillan in the US has reached a new multi-year deal with Amazon, including an agency deal on e-books. But in a carefully worded blog and... Read more

Bloomsbury signs with Oyster in US

E-book subscription service Oyster has signed up Bloomsbury as its latest publisher. The US service will now offer more than 1,000 titles published by Bloomsbury... Read more

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