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Allison Hill to replace ABA's Oren Teicher as c.e.o.

The American Booksellers Association (ABA) says Allison Hill will take on the role of c.e.o. as Oren Teicher prepares to step down in November. ... Read more

National Book Awards to honour ABA’s Oren Teicher

The US National Book Foundation will honour American Booksellers Association c.e.o. Oren J Teicher with a lifetime achievement accolade at the 70th National Book Awards.... Read more

Teicher hails next generation of booksellers to weather challenges ahead at BA conference

Oren Teicher, head of the American Booksellers Association, has hailed the next generation of booksellers to take on Amazon and other challenges in the years... Read more

BookExpo explores power of retail and building community

Booksellers face a “tough” landscape but have the opportunity to sell experiences beyond the product itself, ABA c.e.o. Oren Teicher told BookExpo as the second day... Read more

ABA's Oren Teicher to retire

American Booksellers Association c.e.o. Oren Teicher has said he plans to retire at the end of this year. Read more

US tax ruling 'tremendous victory' for indie booksellers

The Supreme Court in the US has ruled that online retailers are required to pay taxes in states where they have no physical presence in... Read more

US indies brave uncertain times at Annual Winter Institute

The 13th Winter Institute, held by the American Booksellers Association in Memphis, Tennessee, was vibrant and upbeat as ever, despite an underlying current of anxiety... Read more

BEA’s Chicago move divides fair-goers

It had been a dozen years since BookExpo America (BEA) convened in Chicago, its base for much of the 1990s and early 2000s. The decision... Read more

US indie bookshop numbers soar

The news coming from the American Booksellers Association at BEA is that there’s been a net increase of 660 independent stores since 2009 – a... Read more

Teicher dispenses indie bookseller lessons

The resurgence of independent bookselling is set to become a “contagious” global trend, Oren Teicher, c.e.o. of the American Booksellers Association (ABA), has said.... Read more

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