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Hill and Saward promoted at Orbit

Jenni Hill and Nadia Saward have been promoted in the editorial team at Orbit.  Read more

Orbit scoops trilogy from R J Barker

Orbit has acquired a trilogy "straight out of darkest folklore" from the fantasy author R J Barker.     ... Read more

Orbit pre-empts The Empire of the Wolf trilogy in six-figure deal

Orbit UK has pre-empted a debut epic fantasy trilogy by British author Richard Swan in a six-figure deal.  Read more

Jackson steps up as Holman steps out of UK's Orbit

Tim Holman is stepping down as publisher of Orbit in the UK, the SF and Fantasy imprint of Little, Brown Book Group he has led... Read more

Orbit scoops epic fantasy trilogy from Gwynne

Orbit has scooped a worldwide deal for a fantasy epic trilogy inspired by Norse mythology from John Gwynne. Read more

Thompson wins Arthur C Clarke Prize for Rosewater

Tade Thompson has won the Arthur C Clarke Award for science fiction with his novel Rosewater (Orbit). Read more

Orbit triumphs in three-publisher auction for Brooks fantasy series

Little, Brown imprint Orbit has won a three-publisher auction for a new epic fantasy series from author Mike Brooks. Read more

Orbit acquires fantasy author Barker's dragon bone battleship trilogy

Little, Brown Book Group imprint Orbit has acquired world English rights to a new fantasy trilogy from RJ Barker. Read more

Amazon to adapt Iain Banks' space opera

Amazon will adapt the late Scottish author Iain M Banks’ acclaimed space opera Consider Phlebas 30 years after it was first published.... Read more

Drawings by the late Iain M Banks to be published

Orbit is publishing a book of original drawings by Iain M Banks, the late Scottish author behind the Culture science-fiction series of novels about a utopian space society.... Read more

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