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The best laid Plan S...

Could limiting the avenues through which research can be published, as Plan S proposes, be detrimental to the wider academic publishing community? Read more

Access all publishers

Those in the trade who believe current policy-making on Open Access only matters to the academic market are mistaken, argues William Bowes. Read more

Open all hours

Benedicte Page on why Open Access is back at the top of the publishing agenda. Read more

How open is Open Access?

Goldsmiths Press director Sarah Kember argues that Open Access in the academy may not be the universal good many claim. Read more

Academic reviews crisis

Despite some gloomy predictions, the academic book remains in good health. Most academics in the humanities and social sciences are committed to it as essential... Read more

The university press is back in vogue

The last few weeks have seen the spotlight fall uncharacteristically on the world of university presses. First, the Guardian published a tense mano-a-mano battle... Read more

In the reputation economy

How will an independent publishing company flourish in years to come, as we see dramatic changes alter the very landscape of research and education? One... Read more

New research highlights UK academic publishing’s ‘integral role’ in innovation

New research has highlighted the “integral role” UK academic publishing plays in facilitating innovation.  Read more

Open Access Week: Tim Britton profile

Tim Britton, m.d. of Springer Nature's Open Research Group, talks to Benedicte Page about the publisher's "business-model neutral" approach. Read more

Open for Business

The Open Access market is growing rapidly, argues Rob Johnson, and academic publishers need to react quickly—or risk being supplanted... Read more

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