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Obituary: Tom Maschler

Tom Maschler Born 16th August 1933 Died 15th October 2020 Rogers, Coleridge & White managing director Peter Straus remembers the late, acclaimed publisher Like... Read more

Obituary: Bernette Ford

Obituary: Bernette Ford  1950–2021 Boxer Books publisher David Bennett writes: About 30 years ago, while... Read more

Obituary: John Hitchin

Former publisher and bookseller John Hitchin died in August, aged 88. He is remembered by Tim Godfray and Dotti Irving. Read more

Tributes | David Whitaker

David Whitaker, a former editor of The Bookseller, has passed away. Whitaker died peacefully in his sleep overnight on 4th August. Read more

Obituary: Dan Frank

Canongate c.e.o. Jamie Byng remembers Pantheon Books’ late editorial director. Read more

Obituary: Jonathan Ball

Jonathan Ball, who died aged 69 on 3rd April, created the finest and bravest publishing house in South Africa. Read more

Sales agent Anselm Robinson dies

European sales agent Anselm Robinson has died of a cardiac arrest, near his home in Seconzac, France. He was 74. Read more

Obituary: Carolyn Reidy

Carolyn Reidy. Born 2nd May 1949. Died 12th May 2020 You could never ignore Carolyn Reidy, the Simon & Schuster president and c.e.o., who died unexpectedly of... Read more

Obituary: Sonny Mehta

Canongate  c.e.o and publisher Jamie Byng remembers his friend, editor in chief of Knopf Sonny Mehta Read more

Obituary: Istvan Bart

Frances Pinter remembers Hungarian publisher Istvan Bart, who has died in Budapest at the age of 75. Read more

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