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The world elsewhere

The moral case for geographical diversity, as set out by the Northern Fiction Alliance, stands to benefit the industry in its entirety argues Anita Sethi.... Read more

Northern Fiction Alliance and literary agency join forces to 'demystify' publishing

A conference will be held in Manchester next month “demystifying” publishing and giving advice on landing a role in the industry. Read more

NFA unveils cross-company mentorship matches

The Northern Fiction Alliance has launched a cross-company mentorship scheme for early-career publishing professionals based in the region, with the first pairings already announced.... Read more

PRH plans to extend north with Northern Fiction Alliance members

Penguin Random House is exploring an editorial presence in Manchester, possibly in 2019, in collaboration with Northern Fiction Alliance members, with potential financial support from Arts Council England... Read more

Northern Fiction Alliance to host ‘Regional Diversity Roundtable’

The Northern Fiction Alliance has announced it is hosting a Regional Diversity Roundtable in January 2019, in light of the Publishers Association’s latest survey on... Read more

Northern Fiction Alliance flourish in partnership

Created two years ago to showcase the output of northern indie presses to the international market, and to promote regional diversity, the Northern Fiction Alliance... Read more

Eight Northern Fiction Alliance publishers join the PA

Eight members of publishing collective the Northern Fiction Alliance have joined the Publishers Association for the first time. Read more

NFA: eight steps to ‘redefine literary landscape’

The Northern Fiction Alliance (NFA) has devised an eight-point plan to “reshape and redefine the current literary landscape”. Read more

Northern Fiction Alliance members' sales boosted

Members of the Northern Fiction Alliance have said they have seen boosts in book and rights sales from being part of the coalition.... Read more

Publishers 'struggling' to address regional diversity

London-based publishing houses are “struggling” to work out how to “address the problem of regional diversity”, New Writing North's Claire Malcolm has said. ... Read more

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