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Pictures of the week

Ken Follett was awarded a Golden Pan this week, as Kelly Doran won Bath Spa University’s Novel in 25 Words competition. Read more

NLT report urges fathers to read with children

The National Literacy Trust is urging more fathers to get involved with their children’s reading, after a survey revealed that only a third of dads... Read more

Staying the course

The prospect of five years of majority Conservative government may have filled some with gloom, but for educational publishers at least, it signifies a certain... Read more

Pullman blasts government over status of arts in schools

Author Philip Pullman has said the UK is run by “philistines and barbarians” as government plans appear to reduce the status of arts subjects in... Read more

Campaigners welcome literacy drive but condemn government hypocrisy

Library groups have welcomed education secretary Nicky Morgan’s drive for all children to have a library card, although campaigners say the news rings hollow... Read more

Morgan and Walliams want literacy to be 'national mission'

Education secretary Nicky Morgan and author David Walliams have launched a government drive to get more children reading.  Writing in the Telegraph, the pair... Read more

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