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Meyer pens novel for Dutch crime week

CPNB, a Netherlands-based organisation that promotes Dutch literature, will next year give away free copies of a new novel by crime writer Deon Meyer.... Read more

Bibliotheca buys Aturis

Library solutions company the Bibliotheca Group has acquired the Aturis Group, a provider in the same area which covers the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.  Aturis... Read more

Amazon launches Kindle in Holland

Amazon has launched three Kindle e-readers and the Kindle e-book store in Holland. The e-commerce giant launched its Dutch e-book arm today (12th November), offering... Read more

Swets UK office goes into administration

Swets Information Services Ltd, the UK subsidiary of Dutch parent company Swets Information Services B.V., has been placed in administration, with 120 employees made redundant.... Read more

Publishers will ‘soak up the costs’ of Swets’ collapse

Publishers are likely to honour any subscriptions pre-paid via the now-bankrupt Swets and “soak up the damage”, The Bookseller has been told. Swets, a content... Read more

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