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Fishwick urges public to read Greer's controversial essay On Rape with 'open mind'

Bloomsbury publishing director Michael Fishwick has urged people to read Germaine Greer’s controversial On Rape essay “with an open mind”, saying he hoped it would... Read more

Bloomsbury to publish Greer's controversial rape essay

Bloomsbury will publish Germaine Greer's controversial essay On Rape in September. Read more

Bloomsbury wins 11-way auction for ancient history of the West

Bloomsbury has acquired a book about the ancient history of the West after an 11-way auction. Read more

Bloomsbury signs memoir of concentration camp survivor

Bloomsbury is to publish the "remarkable" memoir of Zuzana Ruzickova, who survived three Nazi concentration camps, slave labour and the anti-Semitic Communist dictatorship of former... Read more

Fishwick children’s title to launch Zephyr

Head of Zeus is launching its children’s list, Zephyr, with a title by Michael Fishwick. Read more

New Frankopan book on Russia to Bloomsbury

Bloomsbury has acquired a new book by Peter Frankopan, the author of The Silk Roads (Bloomsbury). Read more

Kestrel memoir to Bloomsbury

Bloomsbury has signed a memoir from Richard Hines, whose experiences training kestrels as a boy inspired his brother Barry's 1968 novel, A Kestrel for a... Read more

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