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Pandemic has shifted consumer behaviour and trade 'must experiment' to keep up

Digital consumer behaviour has “leapfrogged 10 years” during the pandemic and the trade needs to carry on with its pandemic-imposed experimentation to keep up, The... Read more

Libraries are 'key' to publisher campaign goals

Libraries are "key" to publishers, and will help them connect with diverse audiences, Kimberley Sheehan, campaign manager at The Reading Agency, has said.... Read more

Publishers debate mental health impact of the pandemic

Publishers and behavioural change specialists discussed the impact of the pandemic on the mental health of publishing professionals at The Bookseller’s Marketing & Publicity Conference yesterday afternoon (15th June).  ... Read more

BookTok 'creating new bestsellers and driving sales'

The popular BookTok hashtag is shaping the publishing world, creating new bestellers and driving sales, TikTok Germany's content strategist Hasmik Matinyan has said. ... Read more

Press opportunities for books have increased, says Leask

Media brands have seen their advertising slashed during the pandemic, but press opportunities for books have increased overall, publicist Camilla Leask has said.... Read more

Graphic novels and children's non-fiction grow in potential 'consumption frenzy'

Computing books, graphic novels, children's non-fiction, true stories and the royals are all key areas to watch out for in 2021 with a potential “consumption... Read more

Make sure mid-tier titles aren't lost in packed autumn, Fry warns

Marketing and publicity teams need to make sure their middle-tier titles don't get lost in the crowded autumn, Canongate commercial director Jenny Fry has warned.... Read more

Target non-traditional media to make campaigns inclusive, Seaward says

Publishers need to target non-traditional outlets and realise the media has changed if they want to make their book campaigns more inclusive, Dialogue senior publicity manager Millie... Read more

Sales fell 11% year on year in second quarter, Nielsen estimates

Book sales fell 11% by volume year on year in the second quarter of 2020, estimates by Nielsen suggest, although there have been gains on 2019 since bookshops... Read more

Elizabeth Day pays tribute to 'dazzling' Sophie Christopher in M&P keynote speech

Elizabeth Day paid tribute to the "dazzling" Transworld senior publicity manager Sophie Christopher, in her keynote speech for The Bookseller’s Marketing and Publicity Conference.... Read more

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