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Amazon records UK sales of £5.3bn for 2014

Amazon's UK website sales rose by 14% to £5.3bn last year, but the company only booked £680m of revenue through its UK accounts. At the... Read more

B&N closes Luxembourg office

Barnes & Noble’s office in Luxembourg has been liquidated. The company has closed its European headquarters for Nook Media following the termination of its partnership... Read more

Amazon ends UK sales diversion to Luxembourg

Amazon has started booking sales made to customers in the UK through the UK branch, instead of diverting sales through Luxembourg. The company’s new arrangements... Read more

EIBF submits evidence to EC enquiry into Amazon's taxes

The European Commission (EC) is committed to reporting the first results in its ongoing investigation into the legality of Amazon and Luxembourg’s tax arrangements in... Read more

France and Luxembourg ordered to restore e-book VAT

The European Court of Justice has ordered France and Luxembourg to restore their standard VAT rates on e-books in a ruling announced today (5th March).... Read more

Luxembourg accused of supplying 'state aid' to Amazon

Luxembourg provided “state aid” to Amazon through its tax arrangements for the company, the European Commission has said in a preliminary finding. The EC launched... Read more

E-book prices stable following VAT hike

E-book prices have remained stable five days after a new law came into effect charging an extra 20% VAT on e-books from 1st... Read more

Luxembourg acted as Amazon's 'business partner'

A former top Amazon employee has revealed that European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker acted as a “business partner” to the company when it came to... Read more

E-book prices may rise as VAT law kicks in

Publishers and retailers will aim to prevent e-book prices from soaring when a new European-wide VAT law on digital products is introduced on 1st January.... Read more

Amazon contests basis of EC tax inquiry

Amazon is denying that it receives preferential corporate tax treatment from Luxembourg allowing it to reduce much of its European Union (EU) tax burden, following... Read more

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