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Duckworth signs 'rising star' Shrikanth’s debut

Duckworth has signed Siddarth Shrikanth’s “uniquely accessible debut” on the climate crisis, The Business Case for Nature. Read more

Quercus to publish YA edition of Saad's Me and White Supremacy

Quercus has secured the YA edition of anti-racism workbook Me and White Supremacy by Layla F Saad. Read more

Piatkus pre-empts marriage therapist Pharaon

Marriage therapist Vienna Pharaon’s book about "relationships through the lens of their family systems" has gone to Piatkus in a pre-empt.  ... Read more

First mainstream book on lymphatic health to Yellow Kite in six-way auction

Following a six-way auction, Yellow Kite has acquired the first trade book on the subject of lymphatic system, written by LA-based expert Lisa Levitt Gainsley whose clients have included the... Read more

Legend buys Sindu's Blue-Skinned Gods

Legend Press has bought Blue-Skinned Gods by S J Sindu, a novel travelling from India's ashrams to New York City's underground rock scene while exploring ethnic, gender,... Read more

Firefly signs 'moving and compelling' YA romance

Independent Welsh publisher Firefly Press has acquired The Wanderer, a YA romance novel by Josie Williams.  Read more

'Guided journal' to accompany Me and White Supremacy

Quercus has acquired Me and White Supremacy: A Guided Journal by Layla F Saad, intended to be an "official companion" to the original helping readers to recognise their... Read more

Quercus acquires 'provocative' 28-day guide to anti-racism

Quercus has acquired the “provocative” 28-day guide to anti-racism and recognising white privilege by Layla Saad. Read more

Agents braced for American land-grab as publishers eye European rights post-Brexit

Negotiation of European distribution rights will become “a horror show”, agents have warned, with American publishers emboldened to grab European English-language rights from British firms... Read more

Johns' 'beautiful' Japanese time-slip novel the stuff of Legend

Legend Press has snapped up Ana Johns' "beautiful" time-slip novel, The Woman in the White Kimono, billed as “competition for Memoirs of a Geisha”.... Read more

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