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Attendees positive about digital LBF as agencies see rights 'mini-jump'

The virtual London Book Fair, which began on 7th June, has come to a close, with fairgoers generally positive about the new offering, despite some... Read more

LBF moves to June 2021, Ventris made director

The London Book Fair is to take place from 29th June to 1st July 2021, it has been confirmed. It comes as Andy Ventris is named the... Read more

Seven days later

This time last week, when I asked someone at one of the bigger publishers whether they had called off their London Book Fair party yet,... Read more

LBF LATEST: fair cancelled as Big Five pull out

The London Book Fair has been cancelled owing to the coronavirus outbreak following a wave of cancellations from major publishers and agencies. Read more

Times might be tough, but let’s stop moaning about the big book fairs

Agent Cathryn Summerhayes argues that instead of book fairs being events to "survive", they instead provide opportunities for publishing professionals to thrive. Read more

One step beyond

Philip Jones looks ahead to assess how the publishing industry will weather Brexit. Read more

Margaret Busby receives LBF Lifetime Achievement Award

Margaret Busby has been awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the London Book Fair.  Read more

Online London Book Fair 'surpasses expectations' by engaging 90 countries

This year's digital version of the London Book Fair "surpassed expectations" with boosted global engagement, organisers say. Read more

The titles agencies expect to fly at the virtual London Book Fair

While a lot of the usual LBF rights-trading focused on agencies’ and publishers’ own online ‘fairs’, there are a still a number of hot titles... Read more

Deals of LBF past

What happens to the ‘hot books’ at the London Book Fair, once the dust has settled and the ink has dried on those often lucrative... Read more

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