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Moving the goalposts

Another week, another shifting of goalposts. Read more

Publishers must help bookshops bounce back

Publishers must help bookshops bounce back

The pandemic altered where readers bought books and the types of titles they purchased—and it’s time publishers used their profits to help bookshops out.... Read more

Scottish firms optimistic for the coming years after strengthening in lockdown

Publishers and trade bodies in Scotland have spoken of their hopeful attitude as lockdown restrictions subside again, with a number buoyed by lessons learned in... Read more

Booksellers in England and Wales rejoice as doors are thrown open to customers

A number of booksellers from across England and Wales have reported an ‘amazing’ spell of trading after being allowed to reopen again to customers this... Read more

First and last and always

At the end of May last year, as bookshops looked to open and play catch-up after the first 12-week lockdown in the United Kingdom, I... Read more

Slow, slow, quick, quick, slow

This week, the UK and the Scottish governments set out their roadmaps to how the current lockdowns might be lifted. Read more

The art of publishing

The art of publishing

A few months into her new role, the boss of Octopus Publishing shares what she has learned about illustrated publishing while in lockdown Read more

Up, up and awry

Last week, Nielsen reported that based on estimated data the UK print book market grew 5.2% by volume in 2020, and rose 5.5% by value,... Read more

A narrow path through

As I wrote back in March, the enforced closing of bookshop doors is a terrible story for the editor of The Bookseller to report: it’s... Read more

Support your local bookseller

In June, with the coronavirus in retreat and with help from the Booksellers Association (BA), we encouraged everyone to #ChooseBookshops as high street retailers looked... Read more

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