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Roald Dahl's Welsh roots

Lleucu Siencyn takes a look at Roald Dahl's Welsh roots, and how Wales wil celebrate the centenary of his birth. Read more

Back and forth

Welsh literature is often translated into English, but lleucu siencyn argues that the cultural exchange should work both ways with more English authors translated into... Read more

Welsh books matter

Lleucu Siencyn on why discussion around the Welsh publishing sector should continue. Read more

'A professional, properly funded arts scene is crucial'

Lleucu Siencyn on the need to have a properly funded arts sector, and the uncertain future ahead for Literature Wales and the Welsh Books Council.... Read more

Assisted literature

Wales has been left out of the limelight a little recently. The recent successes of our rugby and football teams notwithstanding, we are overlooked by... Read more

Welsh market faces long road ahead after Covid-19—but publishers remain optimistic

Covid-19 and its fallout has been a big blow to the Welsh book trade, but a number of the nation’s vibrant publishers are looking to... Read more

Pullman becomes patron of Literature Wales

Philip Pullman is to be the first patron of Literature Wales. Read more

Lleucu Siencyn new Literature Wales c.e.o.

Lleucu Siencyn has been appointed the new chief executive of Literature Wales. Siencyn has led the body as acting chief executive since June since Peter... Read more

Welsh publishing: Lleucu Siencyn

If ever there was an organisation that needed a rebrand it was Literature Wales, which until earlier this year was called Academi, the Welsh National... Read more

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