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Back and forth

Welsh literature is often translated into English, but lleucu siencyn argues that the cultural exchange should work both ways with more English authors translated into... Read more

Welsh books matter

Lleucu Siencyn on why discussion around the Welsh publishing sector should continue. Read more

'A professional, properly funded arts scene is crucial'

Lleucu Siencyn on the need to have a properly funded arts sector, and the uncertain future ahead for Literature Wales and the Welsh Books Council.... Read more

Assisted literature

Wales has been left out of the limelight a little recently. The recent successes of our rugby and football teams notwithstanding, we are overlooked by... Read more

Eloise Williams selected as inaugural Children's Laureate Wales

Eloise Williams, author of Gaslight (Firefly), has been named the first-ever Children’s Laureate Wales. Read more

Literature Wales launches funding scheme for under-represented writers

Literature Wales has launched a brand new funding scheme for Wales-based writers from black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) backgrounds, and writers with a disability... Read more

Literature Wales to appoint Children’s Laureate Wales

Literature Wales has launched the search for the first Children’s Laureate Wales for 2019-2021. Read more

Six questions for...the National Library of Wales' Pedr ap Llwyd

Pedr ap Llwyd, chief executive and librarian of the National Library of Wales, shares his thoughts on the Welsh book trade and the library's future plans.... Read more

Literature Wales disputes claim its Book of the Year fails to boost sales

Literature Wales has disputed the BBC's claim that some of the Wales Book of the Year winners have only sold as few as 20 copies,... Read more

Literature Wales to administer Wales Book of the Year in 2018

Literature Wales is to administer the Wales Book of the Year awards in 2018, although the future of the prize is still under review. Read more

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