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Page wins £10,000 Thumping Good Read Award

Debut author Libby Page has triumphed at the W H Smith Thumping Good Read Award, to take home £10,000.  Read more

Plans for Independent Bookshop Week revealed

Authors will tour independent bookshops, illustrators will create special shop windows and limited edition and early book releases will take place to celebrate this year’s... Read more

Curtis Brown staffer's debut, second Villanelle novel on Frankfurt hotlists

A debut from a literary assistant at Curtis Brown acquired in the UK in a "major" auction, and a dark thriller pre-empted for a substantial... Read more

Libby Page | 'I was essentially a nerd, something I now admit proudly about myself'

We catch up with Libby Page, who made waves at last year's London Book Fair when her debut novel The Lido drew in offers from 11... Read more

The Lido makes waves with film deal

A debut which made a splash at the London Book Fair this year may be set to make it onto the big screen after the... Read more

Eleven-strong queue at The Lido

A début by a 24-year-old British author about Brockwell Lido has caused a splash ahead of the fair, with the triumphant UK and US editors... Read more

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