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Man Down

A propos nothing in particular, I thought I’d talk about ambiguity this week. Read more

Nevertheless, they persisted

This week the Publishers Association released full-year sales numbers for 2020 showing that the invoiced value of UK publisher sales of books, journals and rights/coeditions... Read more

The super league

This week six Premier League football clubs, including Manchester United, Liverpool and Manchester City, as well as some European sides such as Barcelona and Real... Read more

Day 81,901

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is fond of talking about his 26-year-old firm’s “Day 1” culture. Read more

Fight, fight, fight

For a while last year I became obsessed by the number 11. Read more

The long view

There’s one particular fact from this year’s British Book Awards shortlists (announced online, and in print this week) that I didn’t want to go unnoticed:... Read more

First and last and always

At the end of May last year, as bookshops looked to open and play catch-up after the first 12-week lockdown in the United Kingdom, I... Read more

Slow, slow, quick, quick, slow

This week, the UK and the Scottish governments set out their roadmaps to how the current lockdowns might be lifted. Read more

The great unbowed

This week we reveal the small presses and independent bookshops that make up our regional and country shortlists for this year’s British Book Awards. The... Read more

The Books are Alright

This spring it will be the job not just of booksellers, but of every single one of us to press books on others wherever we... Read more

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