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Cry freedom

Not many would have predicted back in March 2020 that 16 months on from the first national lockdown we would only now be slowly, hesitantly,... Read more

Bookselling unmasked

If 2020’s UK print book sales were buoyant, the first half of 2021 looks to have been still better—as far as can be deduced given... Read more

Star power

This year’s class of Rising Stars arrives as a welcome boost in what, on the national stage, has been another tough week heralding much uncertainty ahead.... Read more

Engaging English

There’s a feeling of real energy and momentum to the Lit in Colour: Diversity in Literature in English Schools report released this week, from research... Read more


Some years ago I got into a contretemps with one of the major publishers. Actually, it was before my time as editor, so in fact you... Read more

Moving the goalposts

Another week, another shifting of goalposts. Read more

Facing exhaustion

It’s hardly a catchy term, and discussion about it quickly becomes mired in impenetrable language, but the issue of “international rights exhaustion” should be at... Read more

A new equilibrium

The mass high street closures of the past 15 months have proved to have a major effect on what customers have bought and read, and... Read more

Citizen Dohle

Late last year I wrote an online piece reflecting on Penguin Random House global c.e.o. Markus Dohle’s view that as “good citizens” the company’s likely... Read more

Begin, again, repeat

By the time you read this, the British Book Awards “virtual” ceremony will have been run, the winners will have been announced and the trade... Read more

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