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Prime position

This week, we kick off our annual Review of the Year features that look to analyse the performance of the market, including the books, authors... Read more

Reality rites

This time last year, as we headed into 2020, I wondered why the trade was so hesitant about championing itself: after a largely successful decade... Read more

The year that was

A year like no other, is how David Shelley, chief executive of Hachette UK, described 2020 in his letter to authors. Read more

150 and not out

Change has been a constant this year: even so, it is still unnerving when the momentum picks up the pace. Read more

Paying the price

Last week I was reminded that corporate publishing is a recent experiment. Read more

Books plus plus

Are books bad value compared to a subscription to Disney’s streaming service, or are they the cheapest “good present” you can buy someone?... Read more

Turn, turn, turn

If we are fortunate, then this past week may come to be seen as a turning point: the victory of president-elect Joe Biden; the announcement... Read more

A narrow path through

As I wrote back in March, the enforced closing of bookshop doors is a terrible story for the editor of The Bookseller to report: it’s... Read more

Irrational numbers

As I mentioned during the summer Bloomsbury has become something of a bellwether publisher for the sector, being the only big trade publisher releasing regular... Read more

Workers re-assemble

Last week, the UK government’s skills assessment website hit the headlines after chancellor Rishi Sunak suggested that individuals working in the Covid-hit arts sectors should... Read more

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