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An author at LBF: A fair trade

So after my week, you may well ask, what are my conclusions? Is it... Read more

The Olympia way

Assessing the mood of the London Book Fair after just one full day of activity may be difficult, but then judging it at the end... Read more

Let's go to the London Book Fair!

It's the week of the London Book Fair: let's all gather in a couple of big sheds and talk about books. Let's do business: let's... Read more

An author at LBF: The best and the Wurst

Someone made a brilliant suggestion today. Cathy Rentzenbrink, who hosted "How to... Read more

An author at LBF: Not for the faint-hearted

Yesterday a woman collapsed in the author area. She was last seen... Read more

An author at LBF: Being content

The London Book Fair isn’t designed for authors. We are welcome there, in theory,... Read more

Online London Book Fair 'surpasses expectations' by engaging 90 countries

This year's digital version of the London Book Fair "surpassed expectations" with boosted global engagement, organisers say. Read more

Brexit delays and high prices a 'disaster' for booksellers, LBF hears

Brexit is continuing to spell “disaster” for bookshops in Ireland while European booksellers are now facing delays and relying on UK shipping agents, a London... Read more

Day Planner: London Book Fair 2021

Find out what events are a must-see at this year's virtual London Book Fair Read more

Ventris says digital iteration of LBF is a sound investment for the future

Having assumed the reins at London Book Fair during one of the most testing times in its history, Andy Ventris is under no illusions as... Read more

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