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Headline signs Me Too founder Tarana Burke's memoir

Headline will publish the memoir of Tarana Burke, the founder and activist behind the "Me Too" movement.  Read more

Headline lands Azmat's 'insightful, perspective-shifting' Sex Bomb

Headline has landed Sex Bomb, a "hilarious, compelling and conversation-starting" memoir from stand-up comedian, podcast host and writer Sadia Azmat.... Read more

Headline nets memoir of jewel thief Payne

Headline has netted the memoir of Doris Payne, “the world’s most notorious jewel thief”, written with Zelda Lockhart. Read more

Headline lands Babalola debut retelling love stories from mythology

Headline has landed debut author Bolu Babalola’s retelling of love stories from mythology and history, celebrating "wildly beautiful and astonishingly diverse tales of romance and... Read more

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