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'Great EU novel' to MacLehose

MacLehose Press has acquired a "great European Union novel" set in the Brussels headquarters by Austrian writer Robert Menasse. Read more

Norwegian Wood Activity Book to MacLehose Press

MacLehose Press is publishing The Norwegian Wood Activity Book, with text by Lars Mytting and illustrations by Adam Doughty, for publication in November 2016. ... Read more

Trade figures sign up to Peirene 'Brexit' letter

An open letter from Peirene Press presenting the “cultural case” for staying in the EU has garnered more than 160 signatures including those of authors... Read more

Emile Zola study to Quercus

MacLehose Press is to publish a new book to tie in with a BBC Radio 4 dramatisation of author Emile Zola’s Rougon-Macquart cycle of novels,... Read more

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