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HQ snaps up insider's account from David Cameron’s former deputy chief of staff

HQ has acquired the debut non-fiction book from Kate Fall, David Cameron’s former deputy chief of staff, to provide "an insider’s account of life at... Read more

HQ snaps up second book from prison doctor Amanda Brown

HQ will publish the second book by Dr Amanda Brown, author of the bestselling debut The Prison Doctor. Read more

HQ signs Eleanor Wood's first non-fiction title

HQ will publish the first non-fiction title from YA author Eleanor Wood about her journey from “the depths of existential despair” following a traumatic break-up... Read more

Nourish to publish the Fat Gay Vegan

Nourish​ ​Books​ ​is​ to publish​ ​a ​debut​ ​title​ ​by​ vegan​ ​blogger​ ​and​ ​event​ ​organiser​ ​Sean​ ​O’Callaghan,​ ​aka​ ​Fat​ ​Gay​ ​Vegan. Read more

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