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John Murray lands Koram's 'blistering' account of Britain in the aftermath of empire

John Murray has landed a "blistering account" of Britain's treatment of independent countries in its post-imperial years by Kojo Koram.  Read more

Brand unveils lives of Marie Antoinette’s ladies-in-waiting for John Murray

John Murray has secured The Queen’s Favourites: The Tangled Lives of Marie Antoinette’s Ladies-in-Waiting by historian Emily Brand. ... Read more

John Murray wins Corruptible by Klaas for six-figure sum in five-way auction

John Murray has won Corruptible: Who Gets Power and How It Changes Us by Dr Brian Klaas for six figures after a five-way auction.  ... Read more

Jill Lepore's data science history out with JMP this September

John Murray is publishing a book about the "hidden history" of data science by Jill Lepore, a New Yorker writer and two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist.... Read more

George Soros book goes to John Murray

John Murray has scooped George Soros' "most powerful take on the world today" as the investor and philanthropist addresses the dangers faced by civilisation.... Read more

John Murray promotes Zigmond to editorial director

John Murray has promoted senior commissioning editor Joe Zigmond to editorial director. Read more

John Murray signs Lepore's polemical history of nationalism

John Murray Press has signed a “searing” concise polemical history of nationalism by two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist Jill Lepore. Read more

John Murray snaps up US presidential hopeful Buttigieg's memoir

John Murray has landed the memoir of Democratic mayor and US presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg. Read more

'Stunning' memoir from sister of notorious criminal to John Murray

John Murray has acquired a "stunning" memoir by Astrid Holleeder, the sister of "one of the most notorious criminals in contemporary history", Willem Holleeder.... Read more

Zigmond promoted to William Collins commissioning editor

William Collins has promoted Joe Zigmond to commissioning editor. Read more

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