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The right to the truth

The Supreme Court’s decision today allowing publication of James Rhodes’ shocking but ultimately uplifting memoir (Instrumental, Canongate) is a major boost for freedom of... Read more

James Rhodes' mental health memoir signed by Quercus

Quercus is publishing a new book from concert pianist James Rhodes next year exploring mental health. Read more

James Rhodes moves to Quercus for two-book deal

Internationally renowned pianist James Rhodes has struck a two-book deal with Quercus, starting with a book that will show how "anyone with two hands", and willing to practice 45 minutes... Read more

The Rhodes to publication

After the UK Supreme Court lifted an injunction to enable Canongate to publish musician James Rhodes’ memoir, the publisher’s c.e.o. and consulting solicitor reflect on... Read more

'Phenomenal interest' in Rhodes memoir

There has been "phenomenal interest" from media and retailers in James Rhodes’ Instrumental (Canongate), after the Supreme Court overturned an injunction preventing the... Read more

Supreme Court overturns James Rhodes injunction

The Supreme Court has today (20th May) overturned an injunction preventing the publication of a memoir by classical pianist James Rhodes, in what has been... Read more

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