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Penguin Business snaps up Angner's 'groundbreaking' economics book

Penguin Business has snapped up the “groundbreaking and uplifting” book Why Economics Can Save the World by Professor Erik Angner.... Read more

Atlantic Books acquires ‘dazzlingly original’ guide to fandom in politics

Atlantic Books has acquired I Heart Politics: Why Fandom Explains What's Really Going On, Phoenix C S Andrews’ "dazzlingly original" guide to fandom in politics. ... Read more

Short Books acquires Taylor's guide to 'reversing Type 2 Diabetes'

Indie publisher Short Books will publish Life Without Diabetes by Newcastle Diet creator Professor Roy Taylor.  Read more

Walking Therapist's Guide to Yellow Kite

Yellow Kite has pre-empted a book by "walking therapist" Jonathan Hoban called Walk with your Wolf.  Read more

Marshall sets up literary agency with A M Heath

Former Palgrave Macmillan m.d Jaime Marshall is teaming up with A M Heath to launch a new literary agency. Read more

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