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Bookmarks attackers sent books to help 'broaden their minds'

Index on Censorship is sending political party UKIP a bundle of books, including The Handmaid's Tale and a copy of the Quran, in a bid... Read more

Fundraising bid to map attacks against freedom of expression

Index on Censorship is bidding to raise £15,000 by the end of this month to map attacks against freedom of expression and demand governments do more to stop them.... Read more

Atwood calls for free speech martyrs to be honoured

Margaret Atwood has said she would like to see those who have been killed in the fight to protect free speech honoured, either through a statue or... Read more

Banned Books Week coming to the UK this year

Freedom of expression organisation Index on Censorship has joined the Banned Books Week Coalition as the first international member of the US-based alliance. Read more

'Index' translates work of murdered Argentine writer

Freedom of expression magazine Index on Censorship has negotiated rights to translate a short story from Haroldo Conti, an Argentine writer who was "disappeared" by the state in... Read more

Mankell play published in English for first time

An extract from a "taboo" play by late Scandinavian crime writer, Henning Mankell, never before translated into English, has been published by quarterly freedom-of-expression magazine Index on Censorship in... Read more

'Libraries are vital to freedom of speech'

Rachael Jolley, editor of global freedom of expression magazine, Index on Censorship, has spoken out about the growing importance of public libraries for freedom of... Read more

Dorfman publishes short story after 50-year wait

Chilean-American playwright and novelist Ariel Dorfman has published a short story he first began on his wedding day 50 years ago in the Index on... Read more

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