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Aster secures two more Slimming Foodie titles

Aster has acquired two more books from Pip Payne, founder of the award-winning blog The Slimming Foodie and author of The Slimming Foodie, published by the Octopus imprint earlier... Read more

Kyle Books to publish first cookbook from Michelin-starred chef Ghai

Kyle Books has acquired Tarkari: Vegetarian and Vegan Indian Dishes with Heart and Soul, the first cookbook from Michelin-starred chef, Rohit Ghai. ... Read more

Slimming Foodie blogger's debut cookbook to Aster

Pip Payne, founder of "The Slimming Foodie" blog, is publishing her debut cookbook with Octopus imprint Aster. Read more

Exposé of global pharmaceutical industry to Canongate

Canongate has acquired an exposé of the modern global pharmaceutical industry, Sick Money, by Billy Kenber. Read more

Octopus gets red carpet ready

Octopus imprint Mitchell Beazley will publish the first book from “body sculpting expert” Louise Parker, which promises to get people “red carpet ready” in just... Read more

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