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Treasure island

Is there a collective term for a group of booksellers? After an exhilarating two days at the Booksellers Association Annual Conference, I am convinced there... Read more

Hachette’s new clothes

Philip Jones reflects on Hachette's acquisition of Bookouture and what it means for both parties. Read more

Noisy neighbours

Being the biggest only makes sense if you can also be the best. Last year four of the 10 bestselling print titles of the year... Read more

2015: The shape of things to come

This time last year I wrote that we were just beginning to see the future shape of conglomerate publishing as the merger of Random... Read more

Agency returned

After more than six months and some of the most heated arguments I've ever seen in the book business (although rarely between the two protagonists)... Read more

The infant phenomenon

In Nicholas Nickleby, “the Infant Phenomenon” Ninetta Crummles is hailed by her parents as a marvel of talent and acting ability; a pocket titan, ready... Read more

PA celebrates 125th anniversary and praises industry's history of working together

The Publishers Association has celebrated its 125th anniversary at Hachette’s headquarters in London, with c.e.o. Stephen Lotinga and David Shelley praising the industry’s history of working together to tackle issues ranging from world wars to... Read more

Digital opportunities pave way for mergers and acquisitions, Frankfurt fair hears

International publishing companies are looking to acquire businesses with large digital presences and arms "complementary to books" as the industry moves slowly towards digitisation, attendees at... Read more

Bhattacharya wins Mo Siewcharran Prize

Santanu Bhattacharya has won Hachette's Mo Siewcharran Prize for his novel He Doesn’t Live Here Anymore. Read more

Illustrations revealed for J K Rowling's Christmas Pig

Two illustrations from J K Rowling's forthcoming children's book The Christmas Pig (Little, Brown Books for Young Readers) have been revealed.... Read more

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