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William Collins seals deal from the creator of meditation podcast 'GABA Life'

William Collins has sealed a deal for an audiobook by Adam Martin, the creator of the meditation podcast "GABA Life". Read more

William Collins signs Smith Galer's sex myths investigation

William Collins has signed a “compulsively readable” investigation of sex culture by BBC journalist and TikTok star Sophia Smith Galer. Read more

William Collins lands Baird's Australian lockdown sensation

William Collins has landed Australian lockdown bestseller Phosphorescence by journalist and broadcaster Julia Baird. Read more

William Collins wins five-way fight for Marçal's feminist economic exposé

William Collins has won a five-way auction for a feminist exposé of the economy by journalist Katrine Marçal.  Read more

William Collins signs Iduma's Nigerian Civil War study

William Collins has signed a “deeply poignant and personal” investigation into the Nigerian Civil War by Emmanuel Iduma. Read more

William Collins acquires collection on sexuality and religion curated by ex-Stonewall boss

William Collins has acquired The Book of Queer Prophets, a collection of essays on sexuality and religion curated by ex-Stonewall c.e.o. Ruth Hunt. ... Read more

William Collins buy Frank's memoir on son's schizoaffective disorder

William Collins has bought a memoir by Tanya Frank investigating her son’s schizoaffective disorder, extended from a New York Times feature which generated an "extraordinary... Read more

Pengelly promoted to new William Collins role

William Collins has appointed Grace Pengelly to the newly created role of assistant commissioning editor for William Collins. Read more

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